Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things to Come! Soon!

A prophecy has been given, and we will soon see if it comes true. According to the shared information, another Earthquake will hit the East cost of the United States. The quake will signal a change to come in Washington DC in leadership. The shake up will be like the last quake. The Washington Monument and the National Cathedral were both damaged in the quake, but only at the top. The foundation of both were strong, just like American. The leaders will be shaken up at the top, but America's foundation is strong.

It has also, been given that 2 dormant volcanoes will erupt in the United States. Looking at the list of dormant volcanoes in the US. Colorado 2, Mississippi 1, Missouri 1, New Hampshire 2, and Virgina 2. This is just a few, but I feel that an Eastern eruption of a dormant volcano is the more likely hood to catch peoples attention.

The economy has also been referenced, the information that was shared is that there will be two more "hiccups" in the future. But, after that the economy is to improve and get better. As stated by the prophet stating this, America has been the leading source of the spread of the gospel for years. And, God will renew the economy because of the faithful giving and labor of the Christians in American. But, it will not stay that way forever. The economy will collapse, but more than likely not till the after the rapture has occurred.

The prophet stated that others who have also seen these events, but that are saying that the economy is going to get worse; are just seeing the two short "hiccups".

We will see! The only reason I have listed the above things to come, is that the two different prophets giving the information have a 100% record.

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