Sunday, October 23, 2011

China's Paper Economy ! Ghost Cities !!!!

China is thought to have one the strongest economies in the world, but in fact theirs is not much better than anyone else. Because of China's promise of 100% employment, they have been building "Ghost Cities" in the middle of nowhere. They have built 26 of them so far, and many more are on the way. These cities only have a security force and a small maintenance staff to keep them up. You can look them up yourself on the internet. These are large full cities. Just almost no one lives there.

China also has thousands of warehouses full of goods that no one wants to buy. When they setup a factory they just produce millions of the items that factory makes. The number of items is not based on orders around the world, but set up to keep the workers busy. So they make way to many items that can be sold.

China has also, been inflating their Yuan currency value. This has many around the world worried.

China has also, been spending Trillions on weapons! Ships, planes, missiles, etc. So when you really compare China to the US. The US is still much better off.

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