Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Year 5777 (2017)

The Year of Judgement,  The Year of Blessings,  and The Year the Messiah!

 Welcome to a very big year!  This is the year that we should see many judgements come across the Earth.  It is also the year that we should see a great out pouring of the Holy Spirit (Joel Chapter 2).  And, if the Bible Code is correct( It is!); we should see the Messiah (Rapture)!  In the USA we will soon see a new President and a turn around from going in a direction of evil, to good.   

My suggestions are:  Watch the News,  Watch the information the men on my main page are saying,  and be prepared for bad things.  This is going to be a real fast, real happening year!  Get ready!