Friday, November 24, 2017

For many years now the prophets have been warning the world that judgment is coming to the world, and America.  The following is why you do not read about the USA in final prophecies in the bible. 

There are four major prophecies of judgment coming to our land.  The church in America is a sleep, or dead.  Preachers that are having large crowds are talking about blessings, riches, and God's love that will NOT judge them.  It is all a lie!  God is going to judge this land!  Our leaders have been trying for years to divide the land of Israel, now God is going to do that to us!

Remember, before God does send judgement, he sends the prophets!  Have you been listening to the real prophets?  There are false ones out there.  Please!  Wake up!  The time of sorrows is here!

And, for those that think we are going to be Rapture up and miss all of the judgments, you are wrong!  Jesus said in Matthew 24, after the judgment of those days we could look for him.

Here are the four judgments that many of our current prophets have seen:

1.  Large Hurricanes
2.  Major Earthquakes one hitting the West Coast, one in the Middle, and one on the Eastern part of America.
3.  A Super Tidal Wave hitting the East Coast of America. 
4.  And when we are at weakest, two foreign Army's will invade America.  Many will die!

Hurricanes have already hit America this year,  causing major damage.  One of the cities, was Houston, Texas.  Houston was the center of the gay marriage push a few years ago.

Remember, Jesus said his coming would be like a woman giving birth.   The water breaks, then pains, then the pains get larger and closer together.  The water has broken!

Earthquakes are here, and more are coming!  California is going to be hit by 12.2.  Everything west of the San Andreas Fault will fall off in to the sea!
Soon after this, America will be hit with a quake in the middle and eastern parts.  This will split, and sink and America will not look like the land we now know.

Next comes a Tidal Wave that starts in the Canary Islands.  It will kill millions!  Just like the California earthquake will.

It has been said that more than half the people in NY city alone with die.

Here is a map of what we will have left.

The Gulf of Mexico will reach the Great Lakes, and Niagara Falls will dry up because the water from the Great Lakes will flow into the Gulf.  Much of both coasts will be under water, and millions will die.

What should I do, you ask?  If you live in one the affected areas, move! If you live in a major city, get out!  Find a place to live that you can be safe.   Store up food!!!!  Food will be worth more than gold!  Have at least a pistol, an AR and a shotgun is a Great add-on! 

Pray about what God wants you do!  Ask him where to go!  Start educating yourself about what really is going on!  Repent, and ask God to forgive you!

This is it!  The time of the End has started!  Get ready!

I know some will laugh, but the Jim Bakker Show is a Great Place to start your education.  I would also watch SkyWatchTV.

Here are the links!

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